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Ribs & Smokie Joe - Family Size


$ 154.99 

Our ribs have always been one of the superstars of our menu. They get all the attention from national media. But we think our Smokie Joe is an unsung hero. Customers at our restaurants sure love the smoky, meaty, hearty, chunks of brisket and pork simmered in our world-famous barbecue sauce. And you will, too.

This family size combo will make nine Smokie Joe sandwiches, with ribs for 4-6.

Gluten and MSG free

Serves 8-10

  • Pork spare ribs – Two individually packaged slabs
  • Smokie Joe – chopped brisket and pork, in barbecue sauce – Two containers, 1.5 lbs. each
  • Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que Sauce - One 14 oz. bottle
  • All items are fully cooked, shipped in a cooler, delivered partially frozen to refrigerator cold

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