The Best Barbecue in Kansas City, the Barbecue Capital of the World


Is the barbecue you ship the same as the barbecue served in your restaurants in Kansas City?

Yes. The barbecue is cooked in our own specially-built smokehouse, using the same smokers, the same wood, the same seasonings and the same technique that we use in our restaurants. It is exactly the same.

What wood do you use to smoke your meats?

We use Missouri White Oak to make our barbecue. We find that Missouri White Oak infuses our beef, pork, poultry and sausage with just the right kind of smoke. Hickory can be a bit harsh and bitter; fruit woods can be too mild. The smoke from Missouri White Oak is right in the sweet spot. In fact, Missouri White Oak is the same wood whiskey distillers use to make barrels to store and age bourbon. All the characteristics of the wood that make bourbon so good help make our barbecue great.

Are your rubs, seasonings and sauces gluten free?


What are burnt ends?

They're awesome, that's what. Read more here.

What is the Z-Man?

The Z-Man is a world-famous sandwich invented at Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que. Read more about the legend of the Z-Man.

What’s the story on your sausage?

We make our own sausage in our own smokehouse. We hand trim select cuts of beef and pork, grind and mix it with our own blend of spices and seasonings, and stuff it and smoke it, all in house.

How long will shipped BBQ last?

Frozen barbecue will last one year in your freezer. Once thawed, barbecue should be eaten within seven days.

How do I stay in touch with Joe’s and get special offers on shipping this fantastic barbecue?

Be sure to like us on Facebook and stay in touch with us there. You can also sign up for our monthly newsletter at Joe’s is on Twitter, too—@joeskc.

Is my order guaranteed to be delicious? 

You bet it is. We stand by the quality and integrity of our products and our service. If you are not completely satisfied with your order we will make it right.

Why are you closed on Sundays?

Our employees work hard all week and deserve some time off to rest, relax, and spend with their families.