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Curbside Service

All three Joe’s locations are now offering curbside pick-up.
Just call in your order, we’ll take payment over the phone and give you a pick-up time. When you arrive, pull up to our curbside service station and give our attendants your name. They’ll go get your order and bring it to you at your predetermined pick up time.
Original Gas Station: 913-722-3366
Olathe: 913-782-6858
Leawood: 913-338-5151
Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que has implemented an ozone sanitation process in all of our restaurants. This process occurs overnight, and kills 99.9% of surface borne bacteria by gas flushing the entire operation with ozone gas. We have developed a safe and effective system, specific to each of our locations. This technology has been used at our USDA inspected kitchen for years with a high success rate. This adds an additional layer of protection to our restaurants going forward.
In addition to the enhanced sanitation measures inside the restaurant, we have implemented a few additional safeguards. All staff members have their temperature taken with an infrared thermometer on their forehead upon arrival to the restaurant. If anyone exhibits an elevated temperature, they will be sent home immediately. Regardless of temperature, any person exhibiting any signs of cough, cold or flu symptoms will be sent home immediately. We are unequivocally committed to a safe environment for our staff and guests and will continue to research new processes and practices as we continue operations.
Thank you all for your loyalty. Stay safe and healthy.