The Best Barbecue in Kansas City, the Barbecue Capital of the World

We’re ready to send Joe’s barbecue anywhere in the continental United States plus Alaska and Hawaii.


For years, folks who love our barbecue have been asking us — begging us, really, — to send some of it to their family members, friends, and business associates who can’t make it to Kansas City themselves to enjoy our ribs, brisket, and pulled pork in the gas station at the corner of 47th and Mission. We get it. If you care a lot about someone, barbecue is a great way to show it. 


Problem was, to ship barbecue nationwide, it needs to be made in a USDA approved and inspected facility, and we didn’t have one of those. We could have contracted with some outside vendor with its own USDA plant to make barbecue for us, but it wouldn’t have been our barbecue. And that just wouldn’t be right.  

But now that problem has been solved! We’ve spent the last year working side-by-side with the USDA as we custom-built our own approved and inspected smokehouse. It’s a beauty. And we’re incredibly proud of it. It features the same smokers we use in our restaurants. It’s all the same, in fact. The same meat, the same rubs and seasonings, the same wood, the same techniques and process. Even the same pitmasters.

It’s the exact same barbecue we serve our customers in our Kansas City restaurants.

Now we’re ready to go. We’re ready to send Joe’s barbecue anywhere in the United States. In fact, you can send Joe’s KC BBQ today!

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