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Whole Smoked Brisket


$ 234.99 

Experience the exceptional flavor and tenderness of our Prime Grade, Competition Whole Brisket, meticulously slow-smoked over 18 hours with Missouri White Oak. This brisket is delivered whole, not sliced, to preserve its juiciness and rich smoky essence, allowing you to carve it just the way you like it at home. Ideal for BBQ enthusiasts who love to personalize their meat cuts or those planning a larger gathering where feeding a premium Kansas City staple is required.

Gluten and MSG free

Serves 12+

  • Whole Smoked Brisket (Not Sliced) – One package, 5-6.5 lb. 
  • Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que Sauce - Two 14 oz. bottles
  • Whole Smoked Brisket reheat guide
  • All items are fully cooked, shipped in a cooler, delivered partially frozen to refrigerator cold